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We have launched on Kickstarter! Find us here.

It is the morning of Day 3 of our Kickstarter, and we have successfully raised $7,005 toward our goal of $10,000. We have worked very hard to get to this point, and would appreciate any and all support you are able to give. Even $1 helps!

Many are asking why our backpacks are sold out on our website. This is because we are redirecting to our Kickstarter. It is exactly the same thing as buying one from our website, and it's actually a better deal on Kickstarter (we don't have to charge taxes over there). 

Finally, we have gotten many questions and criticism regarding our price. This is understandable as the Nesel Pack is priced at $115 - far more than you would expect to spend on just a regular backpack. Here is a breakdown of the cost and why we are priced at $115:

  • We combine the functionality of a weighted vest and a backpack, and we have added personalized touches to ensure maximum comfort and security of the wearer. Our market research revealed that these things were extremely valuable to users.
  • Our backpacks are extremely high quality and it will last for a very long time.Therefore, the fabric tends to be more expensive which adds to the overall cost.
  • Because of the high quality and unique design, our backpacks are at a higher price point to recover our initial costs. We have initial costs because of product design costs and prototyping. This is normal for any start up! 
  • We understand that the backpack is priced high and that some families may not be able to afford. We want to help you! Please send us information about your school or your child's social workers so we can work with them to provide a backpack.
  • We are also partnering with Fraser in Minnesota and they will donate the bags from Kickstarter to families in need.
  • Once we recover the initial costs, we are hoping to use our profit to donate even more backpacks!

Thank you all for the continued support!