Nesel Packs


Nesel Packs is a company founded on the belief that students with disabilities may have difficulty learning in the same way as other students, but they still deserve the opportunity to learn and grow nonetheless. We are aiming to change the world for students with sensory processing difficulties by providing tools to overcome barriers to succeed in life and school. This is why we created the world's first sensory friendly backpack.

We sell a backpack designed for students with sensory processing difficulties. It has several features, such as clips on the straps to attach tools, specially designed straps to mimic a compression vest, a security strap, pouches on the inside to add weight, and an ID tag in the front to let your child customize the bag. 

Nesel Packs will always strive to assist children with cognitive disorders and will always listen to our customers to understand their individual needs. We will continually work to broaden our knowledge base to understand trends in the special education space to better serve our customers. Nesel Packs will also aim for a fair profit that will lend itself to our long term growth and continual innovation.

What does Nesel mean?

"Nesel" is an alternative spelling of "Nestle." It means to settle or lie comfortably within or against something. If you are nestling up against something, it's cozy and safe. We want our backpacks to feel safe and comfortable for our users.

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